måndag 31 oktober 2011

lördag 29 oktober 2011

Porsche diesel degreasing...

Two of the tre cylinders getting degreased... Have been collecting a lot of dirt and grease during the years....

fredag 28 oktober 2011

"The Porsche workshop"
One Diesel head getting cleaned and six connecting rods getting rebushed in the piston end..

fredag 21 oktober 2011


Applied a layer of Paintstripper on the first manifold. Will wash off the layers of spraycan silver and repaint in semigloss black again.

onsdag 19 oktober 2011

tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Today I got an idea and checked the beetle Solexes for the same bolt as I had a thought they might be the same as I had read somewhere that Zenith carbs use some same parts as Solexes. Well, even the venturis in these Zeniths says Solex... :)

Anyways the bolts were identical so I took 3 bolts from a scrap Solex to replace the ones I've managed to loose during the 3 years I've restored this first one...

söndag 16 oktober 2011

Now I just need to get new fresh screws to tighten the lid to the body. Tomorrow I'll finish the first one.

fredag 14 oktober 2011

torsdag 13 oktober 2011

The breathing devices for the Crewcab.

I started the restoration of this Zenith 40 TIN way back in 2008 but due to some "backfiring" when I tried to remove the third idle mixture needle. It broke in half leaving the needletip in the hole... Got it drilled out a few years ago but never got back into trying to fix the threads until this week. Tested using JB-Weld and it worked great! Now the carb have 3 workin idlemixture needles again!..

Nyt siinä on uudet kierteet JB-Weldin avulla..